Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The wicket gave an appearance of being hairy and slippery with the overnight rain, thanks to our groundsman we were able to get a game.
Mr Makda napaak again lost the toss and banyas put us in2 bat.
Our openers took the field, an awesum steady start from Rayhaan and Chodree with 35 after 30 over’s..YEAH 35 AFTER 30 OVERS :) Their struggles never cease with only 1 ambition, to spend all day at the crease. With the loss of Chodree in came Mambo "SUPERSIZE", there's no one like Mambo.. he's broken every batting law, his backlift defies gravity :)hehehehe
His swing with those HUGE ARMS blew the clouds away and game on..Mambo at number 3 is a dasher, he seldom prods and poke, when he gets into action, he has a fine array of strokes..
Then beware the slogger Jogee ‘VOORA’, not content with 1 or 2, when he arrives at the crease then only six will do. Up next our Skipper Mr Makda, his a real stone-waller, he knows what he's about, if you let him settle in, it's hard to get him out!
Let’s now move onto our last man, I hope this will not shock, Muhammed Bhana..He doesn't mind if he's last man in, as long as he gets a knock LOL you girls know what I mean :)
Pity we only get to bat 40 over’s, unfortunately we got2 take the field..

Our paceman Mambo again, Zaks, and Molana pure speed from 1st to last,
My boy do be careful; their balls are hard and fast...reminds you of Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious
As the balls gets older and looses shine, the medium pacer Jogee,Kadwa Junior,Makda his balls swing either way, He's really most persistent and can keep it up all day!
1 has to watch for our off-spinner Bhana, his another awkward chap, If you leave him half an opening, he will slip 1 through the gap! Girls be very careful!!
And last we can’t forget our wicketkeeper Mohammed Seedat, he's full of flair and dash,if the batsman raises there heel, he'll whip them off in a flash…
These guys are having a blast..WHEN THERE'S MEAT A MAN MUST EAT!! Okay you guys know what i mean...


jantoos said...

thanks for all the funny remarks n the dissing but you full of kak & you just upset coz ther was no meat left & you know wat im talkin about & you supposed to be on a diet as well....

ZAINY said...

nice 1 JUMBO :) ooh nice batting in the nets at training..the girls were impressed u didn't get bowled over by another fulltoss :) Brother this next fixture plz no wasting balls: You know u like a real Indian three-wheeler that sucks a lot of diesel but cannot go beyond 30! hehehehe

ZAINY said...

Mr Makda again...guys i don't know whats he gonna be our Marlboro Vernon Koekemoer or Chuck Norris?? :) LOL

He bought the right charcoal this time, the braai took longer and thus we only bowled 14.5 Overs :)

Boys as per GCB you guys awarded with a draw!! damm i don't like cricket... I LOVE IT!!

chocl8 said...

hmmmm... he sure bowled me over. You right I don't like cricket I love it even more now ;)

jantoos said...

hey guys thanks for the ravin comments you got me my own fan club whats next

ZAINY said...

yeah u should thank me :) what can Vernon do without his agent?? jack shit!! LOL

Chocs u getting me worried boy!!! 'he bowled you over'... damm whats next?? no wonder you love cricket..11 dicks trying to catch 1 ball :) hehehehehehehe

i'm getting you guys dolls at the year end function!!

ZAINY said...

good luck with this weekend's fixture boyz..plz do me proud this time! :)