Monday, July 11, 2011

MCC Breaking News: Marlboro Sports Complex

Once again I am pleased to say, I think the right people are at the head of The Gauteng Cricket Board. As a whole I am seeing major steps being taken in the right direction. The prospect of a great near future really excites me. Finally we have people who deliver on promises.

A meeting, with all relevant stakeholders of Marlboro Sports Complex present, was held at the Long Room, Wanderers on Thursday evening. And only one item on the agenda: The permission to commence the upgrade to the cricket wicket and practice facilities. GCB President Mr Ray Mali graced his presence.

What GCB required was a go ahead from the relevant players including users from soccer, and we are pleased to announce that the upgrade will begin in three weeks!

Three new practice nets to replace the existing ones and a new cricket wicket will be laid!
MCC will also engage with Alexandra Cricket Club and offer usage to the newly promoted Premier League team. A commitment was also given as a gesture of gratitude to grow cricket within our community and with the assistance of GCB, a fun day to commemorate the upgrade is on the cards. A KFC mini cricket day with Gauteng Cricket coaches present will be ideal, however this will be finalised closer to the time.

A special mention has to be made to Oom Ray, who over and above all, has also approved repair work and top soiling of the entire field ! This means that the facility will not be available from commencement upto the completion of the project. Soccer has agreed in principle to move their league matches during this time and the benefits will be shared by all users of Marlboro Complex.

This certainly is excellent news for all associated with MCC and we hope that your participation and assistance will always be forthcoming in growing the beautiful game in our community.

Thank you