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History of Cricket: Wynberg/ Alexandra/ Marlboro Gardens

Cricket within our community can be traced back to the 1940’s with the Wynberg Indian Sports Club.
This was a touring team, and played many matches across the Transvaal.
Members of Wynberg Indian Sports club include:
Essack Ismail,Essop Mather, Myley Mather,Ishaaq Mather, Brothers Goolam and Ahmed Rahman

In the 1950’s there sprung up many cricketing clubs, one being Saaberie Cricket Club
Members of Saaberie include:
MC Tai, Baboo Bhamjee, Fakir Chopdat, Aziz Tarajia, Mohammed Bhabha, Ismail Seedat,Mylie Seedat, Mohammed Manjeria,Ismail Manjeria, Ebrahim Patel,And a young Ismail Fulat who batted at number 11

Saaberie played in the City and Suburban Cricket Association which was a then coloured league.

One of the highlights of Saaberie was a match against Old Maristonians,
Because of apartheid,this match was held at a private venue in Mia’s Farm.
A Tranvaal and South African cricketer, Peter Hynie opened the bowling for Maristonians. And against all odds, Saaberie won this match.

Two players of Saaberie, Mohamed Mangeria and Ismail Seedat were selected to represent City and Suburban Cricket Association against Griqualand West.

During the 1957-1958 period, the MCC toured South Africa, with Peter May as captain and a certain Frank Tyson, a superb fast bowler of the time, Also in the team
During this tour, Peter May scored 5 centuries in 5 matches, going into a match against Transvaal at the Wanderers.

The Stadium was filled to capacity, and just after lunch at a fall of a wicket up strolled Peter May to the wicket .The enormous crowd gave him as long ovation, as he walked in, in anticipation of something special.From the Golf Course End was Peter Hynie bowling, and the first ball to May got an edge and he was out.
The crowd, fervent Transvaal fans couldn’t believe it, and were ecstatic.
Peter May later conceded that the walk back to the dressing room felt the longest he has ever experienced in his career.

As the Russian spaceship was launched into Space, so was Sputnik Cricket Club formed.
This club was formed at the Home of Bhaigora Chodree,at his Wynberg home on the Sunday afternoon after the launch into space in 1963
Players that represented Sputnik include:
Bhaigora Chodree,Ismail Seedat,Mohamed Salloo,Ismail Fakir, Samad Daya,Essop Rawat

Sputnik consisted of mainly the younger generation of cricketers at the time. The protagonist of Sputnik was a friend of Bhaigora Chodree and Ismail Seedat, Desmond Smith.
This was a social club which toured a lot.

Also in the 60’s arrived Vikings Cricket Club, who played at 2nd avenue in Alexandra.
Vikings played in the multiracial African Cricket League.
Players that represented Vikings include; amongst others,
Ishaaq Mather, Miley Mather, Ahmed Jingo, Lesley Johannes, Zandzi, Beni Patel,Mr Wilson,and a certain Mr Pillay

The passion and enthusiasm the players of cricket had at the time was enormous, in really trying and adverse conditions.
On an occasion, the team drove passed the Wanderers, and Mr Pillay said:
Look at that lush green outfield of the Wanderers. My dream is to stroll on the turf, and halfway to the wicket just drop dead.

Makes us appreciate what we have today and the sacrifices of those before us.

Another event narrated to me by Mr Ismail Seedat , was at a game in Pimville.

A malay player from Pimville arranged lunch, and the players sat down. Mielie rice came, followed by the salads.

Now you know us Indians, we love our Tercurry

And the players waited, and nothing came!

So one of the guys asked, is anything else coming?

The opposition player looked on, and said, no that’s all we prepared!

I am certain it was hilarious how the guys had their rice just with salads!

In 1970, Waterval Old Boys was established.
Initially a Tennis club, then football and eventually in 1972 the cricketing wing.
Waterval Old Boys played in the Witwatersrand Indian Cricket Association.
Later in 1975, the first unification of cricket occurred, and WOB joined the Transvaal Cricket Council under the chairmanship of Mia Karolia.

Sometime during this period the name was changed to Marlborough Cricket Club.

Games were played at Pioneer Park, Fairmont, Boereveld, Mia’s Farm, Wemmerpan and Rhodes park, amongst others.

Former players include:
Ismail Fulat, Ebrahim Abed,Ml Yunus Daya, Cassim Kara,Ismail Seedat,Mia Karolia,Ahmed Loonat,Steve Hammond, Aboo Bakr Seedat, Mike Breidell,Geoff Levenstein,Beni Patel,Moosa Kara, Essack Chopdat

In the 1980’s Mia Karolia left our shores, and The Marlboro Cricket Club as we know it was left in the capable hands of Hoosein Matie Mayet. Soon after that , the erection of our very own home grounds, the Marlboro Sports complex.

A little story behind the first ever game at the Marlboro sports complex.
The first fixture co incided with the foundation laying Jalsa of the Marlboro Masjid,

Two exciting occasions for most in the community co-inciding. And the cricketers of MCC agreed with the opposition to begin the game at 8am on the Sunday morning and finish at 1, so as to make attend both events.
A good decision it was, as it poured that afternoon.

Players that played during the 90's include Farouk Rajah, Farouk Wadee,Matie Mayet,Bakes Seedat, Immy Ismail, Ismail Rawat, Rashid Rawat, Vijay Patel, Zunaid Asmal, Zaheer Asmal, Zahid,Rafiq Seedat, Mohamed Kadwa and Rahim Saloojee.


A huge THANK YOU from all associated with the MARLBORO CRICKET CLUB to all that attended our 25th Anniversary celebrations and made it the success that it was.

May we have even more successes over the next 25 years to come.

Please post your comments and highlights of the evening while we compile and gather our pics to post here shortly.

The Spirit of Cricket Award Winners: MCC SA8

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Ladies and Gentleman

A few days to go before the biggest night in the history of Marlboro Cricket Club.

All past players for the past 25 years joins us at the Marlboro Community Hall for a walk down memory lane.Reliving cricketing memories of years gone by.

Endeavours have been made to contact most of our legends, however if any previous players were not contacted, please forward an email to Marlborocricket@gmail.com.

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CSA Changes Sponsorship of Mini Cricket

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is to change the sponsorship of its entry into the game for boys, girls, administrators and coaches – mini cricket.

In a statement issued today, CSA announced that Bakers’ 27-year association with Mini Cricket will end..

CSA CEO, Gerald Majola, said: “It is with much regret that CSA announces that the contract with National Brands Limited, through its brand Bakers Biscuits, will not be renewed this year.

“Over many years, we have together pioneered the way for children, boys and girls, from all communities to gain entry into the game through Bakers Mini Cricket.

“Administrators and coaches have also been introduced to the game in this way and have paved the way for children to have fun and to progress into first-class players.

“There has been an accelerated growth of cricket in South Africa and CSA wants to harness this growth in terms of our strategic plan for South African cricket in the future.

“The expansion of the game, with mini cricket at the heart, is essential to this strategic plan. Consequently, we have secured a long-term partnership with a major international brand to assist with mini cricket in this regard and an announcement will be forthcoming soon.

“History will record the critical role that Bakers has played in developing South African cricket to this point, and CSA will always be grateful for this”.

In a letter to CSA, David Hood, Managing Director of Bakers, , said: “While we remain disappointed that our relationship with Cricket South Africa has come to end after an association of 27 years, we acknowledge and accept the direction that CSA has decided to take.

“It has been a privilege for NBL and our Bakers’ brand to be associated with CSA and to be given the opportunity to partake in the personal and sporting development of the youth.

“We will always look back proudly on our association with CSA, the very committed coaches and administrators that brought Bakers Mini Cricket to life and the young cricketers themselves”.

Why Michael Clark ended his relationship with Lara

Lara Bingle with Pup

She is not smart enough to wear a thigh pad.
She didn't have a bat sponsor.
She would have cost him a small fortune in chest protectors.


A difficult season has come to an end.Bad weather compounded by mis-management and funding issues has made playing home matches rather difficult throughout the season.
Concerted efforts were made by individuals from MCC in this regard, however a grand total of just 4 games the entire season were played at the Marlboro Sports Complex.

The executive members are in consultation with the authorities, and are hoping to get the cricket pitch cordoned off for the next six months, giving it ample time to recover and the possible laying of a new wicket.Restoration of the practice nets too need to be looked at. Also with growing interest in cricket, and the possibility of fielding five teams in the 2010-2011 season, a second facilty will also be sought.

All associated with the club are urged to assist in whichever way possible to 'save' our "MCG" and do whatever it takes to restore this facility to its former glory.

SA5 loses to Hilson Park

A disappointing end to a somewhat successful season as Marlboro SA8 has to settle for 3rd place for the season.

Captain Farhad opted to bat first on a rather strange wicket.Seemed the best option at the beginning of play. However 30 minutes later, the team were reeling.20 odd for 6. Zaheer joined Ishaq at the crease for a respectability adding 65 run partnership.Slow overs added to the tally.MCC mustering 160.

Zain 0
Moosa 2
Farhad 0
Kadwa 0
Archie 11
Ishaq 36
Naushaad 0
Zaheer 29
Nasier 5
Safwaan 8*
Fulat 6*

Hilson started their innings at a good rate.Wickets fell,however one opener stayed on to wrap up the match.

Safwaan 6 1/34
Fulat 4 0/19
Nasier 4 1/16
Moosa 4 1/30
Kadwa 4 1/13
Farhad 5 2/22
Zaheer 5 0/31

Losing on the day, a good overall team performance throughout the season. A overview of the entire season to follow...

Monday, March 8, 2010


A trip again to Heidelburg, where Marlboro Cricket Club has a particularly bad record.And it seems the bad omen was to continue..

Heidelburg , batting first began well, keeping the scoreboard ticking without losing any wickets. Few dropped catches (we wont mention names) and balls falling in no-man's land didnt help the cause much...89/1 at drinks.

A slowish pitch prompted the introduction of spin, and what a difference it made! Zaheer and Farhad bowled in tandem their full allotment of overs, dried up the runs and turned the match in MCC's favour.Brilliant direct hit by Safwaan as the batsman tried to sneak a single.
Safwaan and Kadwa then wrapped up the tail. Team hat-trick as well,
Saf 2 wickets in 2 balls, followed by Kadwa hitting the timber the very next ball! Heidelburg bowled out for 156.

Safwaan 3/26
Moosa 0/23
Fulat 0/16
Kadwa 2/20
eboo 0/12
Farhad 2/27
Zaheer 1/28

The chase began dismally. Zain fell for 4, Moosa's terrible form (2 runs) we all getting used to!Eboo 5.Up stepped Archie and Naushaad to the crease, with a brilliant match winning partnership. Archie fell on 52, and Naushaad unlucky not to get his half century, 48*
Farhad again, a solid 27*

MCC again victorious by 6 wickets. One fixture to go, the fight for second position against Hilson Park. Lets end the season on a high boys!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010