Thursday, March 5, 2009


Some highlights of our last match:
Naushad offering fielding advice, then showing how not to do it! Juju doing a 'Almunia' Makda reverse sweeping- shot of the match! Maroef taking strike where?? Damm he trusts his guard LOL & Ziyad Jogee- now is that an edge or what??

MCC Cancel Overseas Tour

Marlboro Cricket Club has hastily cancelled its forthcoming International Tour, Following attacks in Lahore.All Three teams were ready to leave for the sub-continent in April. Speaking exclusively to this blog,the Club President has dispelled rumours of MCC agreeing to fulfil all remaining home fixtures against the Pakistani National Team, saying the players safety is of paramount importance. He added, ''I cant have Fulat's wife calling me, especially after the gynae fixed his finger last time! '' Concerns were also raised as to whether Nasier and Baker could travel,since they both refugees in South Africa. For Baker's dad , however a plan could be made(details were not available) During the scheduled tour, few players, including the likes of Bhana, chocos,zameer, aadil, momo, and Avi were supposed to go on the 'puri run' (samoosa run in sa).news is that they are very disappointed this aint going to happen. The tour guides, Moosa and Hamza, who also were very eager to show off their ghams, are having depression spells. Mamoo Maroef will also be losing lots of business since all the currency were supposed to be bought through him.The most relieved however has to Mariam.She been having sleepless nights as hubby Juju was nagging about organising an upgrade to SAA first class! Perks of being vice chairman! For now lets put all our efforts into making the climax of our season, the comedy night and awards function a success. Guys prepare your speeches!