Friday, January 23, 2009

SA4 SQUAD 24/01/2009 vs WANDERERS


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations to Huzaifa Degam

Huzaifa Degam tied the knot to Zaakira on 18th January 2009. We wish him everything of the best in his new union and many offspring to represent MCC in the future! Zaakira Welcome to the Marlboro Cricket Family :)


This week’s MAN OF THE MATCH AWARD 1st side: Naushad Khan (53 runs of 42 balls vs ENZA DELFOS) CONGRATS BOY!!


This week’s MCC twenty 20 MAN OF THE MATCH AWARD : Ishaq Ismail (32 runs in 15 overs) CONGRATS BIG BOY!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

43 Reasons to date a MCC cricketer! by Ziyaad Jogee

1) We always wear protection.
2) Because with perfect timing we can penetrate a tight ring
3) Once we get in you'll be hit for six
4) We look for gaps and play into them.
5) We are capable of pulling anything.
6) We're not afraid to introduce a third man if required
7) We appreciate legs whether they be fine, short, long or even square.
8) If it starts to get wet we are always sure to have spare sheets and covers. ( uh not )
9) We try to avoid "spraying it" Dent Dr STYLE..
10) We can go on and on and on for many days!!! ( actually we are very lucky if we get through a day without rain )
11) We like to play straight
12) We can bat on both grassy and grassless wickets
13) We build long partnerships.
14) We know how to vary the pace to good effect
15) We believe in good helmet protection
16) We're not afraid to spit on our fingers to get the shiny side gleaming
17) We have remarkable stamina with all-round performance.
18) Because our weapons are often wrapped with at least one if not TWO rubber sleeves
19) We score many times.
20) We understand the need for covers and extra covers
21) We definitely know how to 'bang it in'
22) We appreciate a good tail-end
23) Cricketers know for sure that 69 for 2 is a great position to be in.
24) We know how to get a good use of the pitch we play on.
25) We know how to use our bats skillfully while on the crease.
26) We can bowl a maiden over.
27) We know how to arch our backs and give it just that little bit more
28) We're a big fan of video replays
29) We always try to hit the right spot
30) We know how to add that extra bit of pressure
31) We're not afraid of a couple of decent bouncers
32) We never underestimate the value of an overnight stand
33) We usually get through 3 sessions a day
34) We cricketers relish the chance to go 'down under'
35) We know that chasing a wide one can lead to regret
36) We're not afraid to bring technology into the game
37) We also love to put it in 'The Corridor of Uncertainty'
38) We appreciate the importance of playing in the V.
39) We can be on top all day and still come second
40) We don't like to be given the finger
41) Because we know what it means to score over the covers.
42) If nothing's happening, we like to switch ends
43) If theres a damp patch to be aimed at, u can be sure thats where the balls going.....

Just accept it, a gentlemans sport can only be played by gentlemen...
and of course 'a full toss in the face is always an accident and will be apologised for straight away...'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With the new year in full swing and normality returning, I would like to reflect on the events of the season so far and what we still have to look forward to.

This being the first ever "state of the club" address, I hope whatever is said is taken in the spirit in which I am writing this, with the view that each member of MCC contributes to the success of the club.

I begin with on the field matters. Results have been fairly average across the divisions. Bearing in mind the step up in leagues, this was expected. However we have not disappointed hopelessly and the hard work put in has to be continued.

Sa4 holds on strongly to 3rd/4th position, incredible in a league of 15 teams. However we are yet to play few of the top sides, so there's no place for complacency. A job well done Farhad! And congrats on the birth of your 3rd son, faizaan.(this means your resignation as captain has been refused!)

Sa6 is really struggling. The players don't seem to be pulling their weight, and since Safwan's promotion hasn't had a consistent team. Also , once again has a raw deal with the weather! In my opinion players are just arriving at games and not concerned about training or improving their abilities. One win all season is definately not what we capable of guys! This team is filled with matchwinners,Avi, Rashaad, Moosa, Rashaad Ali, Moms, come on lads!

Then its that Sa7 outfit. Rumour has it Muhammed Bhana went in to bat with tongs instead of his bat! The new addition to MCC, who attend every braai (or rather cricket match) with much excitement. The performances have steadily improved, and we can all take alot from the unity in this team. Regarded as our social cricketers,and holding a mid-table position, more of the same is expected.the bowlers are holding their own, just little beefing up needed in the batting. Well done Mr Makda!

On other matters:
Training is not well attended. This is where we rectify our mistakes and fine tune our games. We have introduced, to improve fitness, squash on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 and soccer on Wednesdays after esha.

The condition of the Marlboro Oval has improved considerably. A big thank you to Zain in liasing with the council. Hopefully the pitch will start playing better. We have a plan of action which we see hoping will work! Just time will tell.
Please forward outstanding membership fees before the end of January(final extension)
Finally the date for our annual MCC Awards Function has been finalised. 28 March 2009 is the when the curtain will be drawn to our season. The attendance of each player and their families is vital! Please diarise!!

To all our supporters and readers of this blog, your comments and critisizm is appreciated. Please feel free to add your views.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your role as a player redefined

Nothing better to start off the new year than with a little controversy. Here's my take on the 'evolution' of our cricketers, but is it justified?

For purposes of this we will look at the careers of few Marlboro footballers, which I have had the priviledge of playing with. Now few cut it out playing in different positions, the majority haven't a clue!

1. Ashraf Rawat : Archie used to be a winger, then resorted to goalkeeping where he did really well .Still the best Number one!
2. Imraan 'zonee' Mayet : A midfielder throughout his career, a pleasurable guy and really skillful. He could change a game in an instant!
3. Hussein Loonat: Lanky number 5 who forayed forward just for headers or if a goal down. Late in his career felt the urge to be a midfielder, but will
always be remembered as last man.
4. Dawood Seedat and
5. Ebrahim Essop : The hard men of a really successful team , best 4 and 5 combination I played with. Gave the team the confidence of attacking constantly knowing the back door is shut.
6. Ziyaad Ismail : Watching Berbatov play I somehow see their similar roles in holding onto possession, strong on the ball and having great vision. Sibling rivalry aside, he is the best player I ever played with!
7. Mohamed Fulat:A really skillful midfielder with immense talent. Had really bad luck with too many niggling injuries, could take control of a game.

Now picture a side with Eboo in goals, Zyaato and Archie defending with Dees striking! A recipe for disaster? Yet with such good players?

Back to my point.
We have forgotten what our roles are in the team, and suddenly had the urge to be "better batsmen"
Zain used to open the bowling not so long ago. Zaheer, Fulat, Eboo, Naushad good bowlers. Yet our captain can't turn to them with confidence when he needs to.

The club has allowed us to do what we want to , I felt the urge to keep wicket and there was no objection to it. Similarly it should be within us to better our game in departments where we lacking, and through this I am certain that we will enjoy this game we love much much more. Remember its only practice and hard work that will help, because I can safely say...THE TALENT AINT LACKING!!

Ps: All names mentioned are fictitious,similarities to any persons are purely coincidental! And don't forget training!