Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your role as a player redefined

Nothing better to start off the new year than with a little controversy. Here's my take on the 'evolution' of our cricketers, but is it justified?

For purposes of this we will look at the careers of few Marlboro footballers, which I have had the priviledge of playing with. Now few cut it out playing in different positions, the majority haven't a clue!

1. Ashraf Rawat : Archie used to be a winger, then resorted to goalkeeping where he did really well .Still the best Number one!
2. Imraan 'zonee' Mayet : A midfielder throughout his career, a pleasurable guy and really skillful. He could change a game in an instant!
3. Hussein Loonat: Lanky number 5 who forayed forward just for headers or if a goal down. Late in his career felt the urge to be a midfielder, but will
always be remembered as last man.
4. Dawood Seedat and
5. Ebrahim Essop : The hard men of a really successful team , best 4 and 5 combination I played with. Gave the team the confidence of attacking constantly knowing the back door is shut.
6. Ziyaad Ismail : Watching Berbatov play I somehow see their similar roles in holding onto possession, strong on the ball and having great vision. Sibling rivalry aside, he is the best player I ever played with!
7. Mohamed Fulat:A really skillful midfielder with immense talent. Had really bad luck with too many niggling injuries, could take control of a game.

Now picture a side with Eboo in goals, Zyaato and Archie defending with Dees striking! A recipe for disaster? Yet with such good players?

Back to my point.
We have forgotten what our roles are in the team, and suddenly had the urge to be "better batsmen"
Zain used to open the bowling not so long ago. Zaheer, Fulat, Eboo, Naushad good bowlers. Yet our captain can't turn to them with confidence when he needs to.

The club has allowed us to do what we want to , I felt the urge to keep wicket and there was no objection to it. Similarly it should be within us to better our game in departments where we lacking, and through this I am certain that we will enjoy this game we love much much more. Remember its only practice and hard work that will help, because I can safely say...THE TALENT AINT LACKING!!

Ps: All names mentioned are fictitious,similarities to any persons are purely coincidental! And don't forget training!



jantoos said...

what about me ou guys are bein funny is this how its goin to be in the new year to so much for support y u talkin about guys carrers that are over y not the ones that are just startin like makda juju ishaaq *2 reyhaan muhammad pudo come give them a helpin hand and some support

jantoos said...

zain u and i gonna have it out soon buddy so lets see how u sledge and i got my fan club behind me watch ur back boy im comin to get u

jantoos said...

and last but not least this week 3rd side we go to bosmont so please no trips down memory lane or any other lane 4 that matter please remember what we goin their 4 please and thats not to visit ur extended or very extended family where ur chidren from that side of the family look like u and ur bras so please guys lets go and play some cricket and leave the visitin for later

ZAINY said...

guess what..i just found my bowling boots :)

jantoos said...

i need to see those boots anythin like billys boots hey committee members u guys are slackin no posts only one this year whats up