Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Competition - Std Bank Int Pro 20 (SA vs Bangladesh)

Limited amount of tickets to the Std Bank Int Pro 20–SA vs Bangladesh up 4 grabs.
Rules - Leave a comment with your EMAIL address and the words ‘I am interested’ on our MCC BLOG http://marlborocricket.blogspot.com/
WINNERS - To be announced later today
Date – Wednesday 5 NOVEMBER 2008
Venue - Liberty Life Wanderers Stadium
Time – 18:00
NB - Prize not exchangeable for cash


Naim said...

awesome stuff guys nice blog we have going here

nice to see our first competition going, good to see new ideas here

now im gona sound like im hitting on someone here but u guys asked for it "im interested" naim.kader@gmail.com

what a pitty i cant redeem the prize for cash aeve stash the cash is over on highveld stereo DAMN . . . .:)

JuJu said...

JuJu said......

Myself n my familiar (6)would luv to go.