Friday, October 12, 2012

SA7 Slashed in the Sun

The opening of the cricket Season brought along a long day in the field for
SA 7. The drive all the way to Kibler Park on the south seemed to have taken
its toll on the players and we started off with being wacked all over the

The opening batsman looked like he drank a case of Red bull before the game
and smashed our bowlers for countless boundaries. Fetching the ball all the
time cost us time and the opposition got 60 penalty runs in the end.

With a MASSIVE target of 332 to chase the SA7 team set about trying to get
the runs. Hamza Bhai contributed with 40 runs and some decent bowling wich
earned him the man of the match.

Not much else to say but we learnt some valuable lessons from this game.

Going forward we look to improve and enjoy our game

Yours Behind the Wicket

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