Thursday, October 11, 2012


The SA8 team played their first game on Saturday last weekend. As we were playing in Allenglen, the team met at the ground at around 11.30 and departed to the ground.

The opposition we played against was Kwateng, a team that in the previous year was in SA6 but has since been demoted. The opposition, in all honesty were a very good bunch of guys with the entire game played in the true spirit of cricket without any issues.

Kwateng decided to bat first and put a total of 254 in the 34 overs. Our ability not to complete our overs in the allotted timeframe cost the team 6 overs/60 runs, which put the final total of 315 to chase.

Key bowling figures:-
Zameer 3/21/0
Ziyaad 3/35/1
Mambo 7/28/0
Aslam 7/28/0
Ali 3/25/0
Nathie 5/35/0

Our team managed to chase down the total in 37 overs with 8 wickets down. Batting figures in order:-
Mambo 14
Ace 1
Zaks 47
Aslam 22
Ziyaad 29
Ali 135 n.o
Patrou 10
Kadwa 5
Zameer 37 n.o
Patel DNB
Nathie DNB

Key focus areas:-

Fielding: We dropped 4/5 catches and were generally lethargic on the filed (Given that it was extremely hot)
Time Management: We did not complete our overs in the allotted time, giving us a total of 315 with 60 penalty runs
Bowling: Too many extras conceded

Key wins:- Morale: The team had a positive approach during the game led by the continuously mentoring by the captain
Confidence: The team were confident in our chasing ability and the belief we could win the game.
Unity: The team displayed good team spirit despite us being hammered during our bowling.

Thanks to Ali for a wonderful synopsis of the game.

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