Monday, November 23, 2009

Yassis it was only Swaar for Swaraj

The SA 8 team made the great trek to the Masala Desert (LENZ) for the fixture against Azad Swaraj. It was useless to predict what the wicket was going to do coz it was just an Astro wicket. Captain Braveheart Rashaad Rawat choose to bowl first on the astro turf and it proved to be a good decision as Hamza Bhai and Muhajir "Broekies" Rawat ripped the opening line up to shreds. The opposition were reeling at 6 runs for 3 wickets at one stage, but as usual we slacked of and underestimated the opposition who were able to muster up a brave 100 all out.

The mental strength of the team was key to pulling of a win against a team who play mind games throughout the entire innings. Avi "Clueless" Goven and Hamza bhai were victims of these mind games and the saying of "HOU KOP" or "HOLD YOUR HEAD" proved to be the deciding factor in ensuring the victory was in the bag.

Hazrat Joe Chotia bagged the man of the match performance for his batting performance of 38 runs and overall the team dynamics are now all falling onto place.

We now march on the the next fixture Boeta over and out..

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