Monday, November 2, 2009


The field look like the back of a pickitup truck as the SA5 XI arrived at Lenasia Progress Grounds, eager to continue where they left off after a convincing victory against Old Maristonians 7 days before.
After some picking it up, and sweeping excess water off the playing area, the game began with MCC bowling first.
It seems Nasier's usage of Sheen for 'curvy' hair from Pops paid off, as he went on bamboozling the Swaraj top order with a 'fifer' 5/25 off his 8 overs.
At drinks Azad Swaraj 71/6. But slow over rate cost 40 penalty runs.9 down for 158. Target 199

The chase was dismal.
Swaraj bowling was superb. Moving the ball all over the show,our batsman not upto the challenge. MCC finished on 145
Moosa , Kadwa , Eboo , Archie ,telephone numbers.
Farhad the only batsman with respectability, 69. (Some other sorta number!)

All in all a lesson learnt. Elementary error not completing the allotted overs costed in the end.
Men of the Match: Farhaad and Nasier.

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