Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a score at SCAW

From the land of Ford Cortina’s and dice on the rear view mirror comes match day one of the MCC SA8. We ventured deep into Jaavir (Boertjie) territory only to find we playing against "CoCoNuTs".

After loosing 99% of his team while driving with Azhar "Powder" (Google the movie powder and you will know why we call him this name), Captain "wrong directions" Rawat finally managed to get the rest of his team to the grounds.

The captain chose to bat first, a brave decision on a wicket which looked like a bowler’s heaven. It was even greener than Adam Bhai's Turban. Looks proved to be deceiving and Baker had the right ingredients to bake a solid opening partnership with Hazrat Joe Chotia which gave us 54 runs from 12 overs. After Joe who contributed 26 runs lost his wicket it felt like we were at Zoo lake for a while with 3 consecutive ducks from Rashaad, Nasief and Muhajir. Baker contributed 21 and then Avi and Azhar played some Castle test cricket scoring 7 runs from 36 balls and JuJu23 added to the duck count.

Then the tail wagged like a happy dog and Hamza Bhai scored a decent 38 with an awesome show of paki power.Sunir "sleapy" Goven scored 22 and Boeta scored 19 not out, however our 12th man "Mr Extra Runs" top scored with 43 runs ensuring a respectable total of 180 was posted.

The opening bowlers Sunir "Sleapy" and Azhar "Powder" rattled the batsmen with some awesome pace taking 4 wickets each. We slacked of a few over’s before drinks and the teams energy levels dropped. At the drinks break Mr Peter Stuyvesant & some H2O revived spirits and we finished the opposition off 9 overs after drinks.

Overall it was a good performance for the first game and if the commitment and team spirit can be maintained then the season ahead looks promising.

Sunir "sleapy" Goven received the man of the match award for his 22 runs from 14 balls and bowling figures of 6 overs, 4 wickets & 27 BoEtA :)

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