Friday, October 16, 2009

Heavy Weather.....

Match day 2 and weather predictions seemed to be indicating that a full day’s play would not be on the cards, however it looked like the weather man got it wrong. The rain clouds threatened but that’s all it was.

Looks like Captain Rawat was Napaak as he lost the toss and we were put into bat. Baker seems to have the right ingredients and continued to "bake" a good opening partnership with Hazrat Joe Chotia. Hazrat Joe was in superb nick and and in the words of Geoff Boycott (With a heavy Pommie Accent) "Hazrat Joe played each stroke like a master violinist" scoring 58 and after viewing the stroke wagon wheel he covered the entire oval. Mr Muhajir "Broekies" was seriously affected by his Royal Duck last week and proved a point by scoring an impressive 49 and bowling 8 over’s for 27 runs and 1 wicket, thus earning him the man of the match award.

Avi seems to be taking the castle test cricket really seriously and looks to he following in the footsteps of his mentor Jacques Clueless. Hamza Bhai showing his Paki power blasted 25 of 25 Balls and the others all chipped in giving us 191 for 5.

The bowling started of quite well and Azhar "Powder" Moosa seemed to have set the scene for a wicket fest with an early wicket but this was not the case. The bowling attack made "HEAVY WEATHER" of the situation and our 12th man Mr "Extra Runs" featured prominently again. Giving the opposition a strong belief that they could actually pull of a win. In the end we managed to win the game by 10 runs and I am sure Uncle Haroon "Timer" will have some strong words for the come next training session.

Overall the team spirit and commitment remains at a high as we progress and with hard work we will surely see the fruits of our labour.
This is Boeta Signing off. Shup

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