Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marlboro Cricket Board bans the lbw

The Marlboro Cricket Board has broken new ground once again, announcing that they have slapped a life ban on the lbw rule. Under the ban, the lbw rule will simply cease to exist when Marlboro are batting, greatly reducing the chances that their batsmen will be dismissed cheaply, ensuring higher scores and more victories.

"We have realised that, over the years, the lbw rule has caused great harm to Marlboro cricket. It caused much embarrassment to our umpires. More recently, it has caused the downfall of our top order batsmen, since they tend to fall over on the front foot early on in their innings. "So we have no hesitation in implementing a complete and total life ban on the lbw rule with immediate effect.

The ban has been welcomed by several former Marlboro batting stars, except “Ebo”, who would have preferred a ban on the run-out rule. Former great Chacha went so far as to say, "In my playing days, lbw was always banned in Marlboro, only not officially. It was there only in foreign countries.
However, MCC Chairman also admitted that the MCC could temporarily reverse the ban whenever Marlboro is bowling in a match. "You have to understand that in Marlboro a life ban lasts only as long as the life of the ban," he winked.


Ishaq said...

Great decision by Mayur following the orders i hear???

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