Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Another great performance by Marlboro SA8 who seem to be rather inspired by the 'Babe Of The Week' and remain unbeaten this season!

MCC Bowled first at Sir Lionel Philips Grounds,and Pirates were bowled out for 155.

Good bowling by Junior Raees Nathie 4-38, Ziyaad Jogee 1-33, and Zubair Patrao 1-29, limiting the hosts.
Marlboro stacked up the runs with 6 overs to spare. Amod 51 not out,Jogee with 31 and Mambo 21 amongst the runs.

We have to highlight the dropped catch by Mambo Daya,and a brilliant one by Captain Muhammed Makda.However Makda had a poor performance with the bat this time around.
Mohammed Seedat "Timer" 'STAND AND DELIVER' was in top form this weekend!

The Man of the match award went Mohamed Amod & Raees Nathie.

By the way, who is this mystery batsman??


ZAINY said...

keep it up boyz, great team effort..

ooh nice pads guys..1 needs the protection playing this game.

bowler said...

lucky the other pic didnt make the front page scary stuff that but who knows maybe the daily sun