Monday, September 14, 2009

Barber shop stories

We all know the drill. Back in the day, before the India Papas arrived armed with scissors and amla oil, the toppies used to go to their famous hairdressers for their fancy long sideburns hairdo and bout of local panchaat. Solly in esb centre, Masters opposite the plaza, Majestic Hairdressser, legends in their day.

Back to my point. Now all the stories come out while you there. The best part of getting a haircut used to be waiting. Seriously, you hear all the dhamaal of the times. How is this relevant to us you ask?
Now to put this into context. Over recent weeks we all heard rumours that the stadium will be 'unavailable' for the next 6 months, that they are doing this and that, and we are in a spot of bother and need to look at alternates. The MSA might take over the running of the facility. We cannot play cricket as they want to put in an irrigation system.

I don't know who, or at which barbershop all this was initiated, but its all bollocks. Its business as usual and yes they are looking at putting in an irrigation system. But not at the expense of us playing. So we all can breathe easy again.

Otherwise, what's the best hangout spots for the latest panchaat? Latest from Match-fixing 'friends'... India to win ICC champions trophy...

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